Divided America, Politics, Social Issues What's Next ?

Explicit Divided America, Politics, Social Issues What's Next ?

2 6 3 months ago
For many of us these days, it feels as if the United States has never been less united. The nation, it seems, has become irrevocably fractured along political and ideological lines Republican/Democrat, liberal/conservative, red/blue, etc. Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner with family has never been more uncomfortable and the admonition to avoid discussing religion or politics in polite company has never been more apropos. What has happened to America? And how can we reverse the trend?


  1. 00:08
    Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Tracker
  2. 00:25
    SFX Producer - Whoosh To Hit 11
  3. 05:08
    News To Me 2
  4. 22:06
    BLAEKER feat. Jaslyn Edgar - More Of My Life
  5. 26:48
    Terry Subscribe to Information Man
  6. 30:41
  7. 34:37
    Make America great again
  8. 34:44
    Spike Lee speaks
  9. 52:50
    Crow Sound Effect (1)
  10. 54:07
    Deanz feat. Eyre - Hypnotized

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